Welcome to the 2020 Tennis Year which begins on 1st April

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The top 3 courts were re-laid some 5 years ago and continue to play extremely well and remain the most used. We have worked to maintain the bottom courts, including removing the moss that has been a problem throughout the winter, and they are now fully playable.

Thank you to the many members who have contributed to the club’s well being over the last 12 months by playing social tennis; inter club matches and supporting the bar.

Last year the club were allocated 7 pairs of Wimbledon tickets by the LTA Ltd. Thanks to all members who opted in last year, and who have opted in again this year to help boost our allocation.

Finally we always welcome new members, regardless of playing standard. Throughout 2020, the club are offering a 20% discount on all membership fees for new members. Please invite anyone you know, who might be interested in joining, to come along to any club session and try us out.

Facilities for members are as follows:

  • Six all weather courts, (top three with floodlights) all with the same type of artificial grass which provides a comfortable and consistent playing surface
  • Regular ‘turn up and play’ club sessions where the emphasis is on friendly competition, with the added enjoyment of winding down with social drinks in the clubhouse bar
  • Internal club tournaments that enable club members to compete against each other in events such as our popular American, Mixed and Vets tournaments, and the annual club tournament which takes place in June/July
  • Club representative matches in the Kent and North Kent leagues. As always we have entered a variety of men's, ladies, and mixed teams to enable players to enjoy matches against other clubs
  • Social Events which enable club members, and friends, to get together off the courts and participate in enjoyable lunchtimes and evenings
  • The Clubhouse Bar remains central to all sections who share the grounds (rugby, cricket and our own tennis section) and offers terrestrial and Sky Sports channels available on 4 screens

Written by a recent new member: Helen Rowan in February 2020

I have become a new member of Hayes Tennis Club this winter. I was looking for a social club which had plenty of opportunities to play tennis during the winter season, and they have not disappointed.

I was able to play three sessions with no obligation to join and then given a new members discount when I signed up for the winter season. I have been made welcome by all of the members, which makes it no surprise that they were awarded “North Kent club of the Year” in 2018. It is always daunting when starting at a new club in getting to know people, but there were numerous sessions I could take part in, morning and evening, midweek and weekend, (flood-lighting available on three of their courts) and of course as you get to know the members, you find yourself included in extra social 4’s.

I enjoy playing competitively, and to date have played in both the North Kent League and the Kent League for the club, but even if I hadn’t, there was ample opportunity to just participate in friendly competitive social play. What I have been most impressed with is the ease with which all different age groups play together, and the respect they hold for each other.

Will I be staying for the summer season?

I actually can’t wait for it to start. From hearing what the other members say, I know it is a busy time of year with many different events, both tennis and social. I wholeheartedly recommend that you get your racket out this summer and come and give Hayes Tennis Club a try. You have absolutely nothing to lose and the friendship of a great crowd to gain.

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