Membership Fees for 2020-2021

Fees are due on the 1st April 2020 and anyone joining mid-season will be charged on a pro-rata basis and the 20% membership discount will be applied for new members.
If you have any questions regarding our membership fees please contact us.

Category Annual Fees
Senior £273
Senior with floodlit £335
Winter £147
Couples £505
Couples + Floodlit £623
Midweek * £165
Intermediate ** £175
Student £99
Family £531
Family with floodlit £649
Novice Family £295
Junior under 18 £40
Associate £20 minimum
* Midweek covers Monday to Friday inclusive, and midweek social club sessions / tournaments
** Intermediate category provides 7 days play, but no social tennis
Floodlit fees (Non-Floodlit Members) at £6.00 per court per 90 minute session.
Annual subscriptions must be paid before a member is permitted to represent the club in competitive matches.

NOTE: A discount of 20% is offered to new members for the first year, in all categories except “Associate”.

Daily Visitor Fee : £5 per visit (max 3 visits a year)